We need to take down different scam sites across our social media platforms and websites in general regularly and I have been so impressed with BrandShield, how quickly that gets done! So, it couldn’t have been a better service to use.

Emily, CMO ShapeShift

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BrandShield covers the entire web, including websites and social networks. Not only do they provide detection services, their enforcement team is active up until the final removal of the threat.
Cool Cousin

Gil Azrielant
co-founder and CTO
Cool Cousin

Detect and fight fraud attempts in the digital space

  • A-Z solution: from detection to takedown
  • Fast Takedown by expert lawyers
  • Social network monitoring including Telegram forensics
  • Focus on your business while we fight scams for you
  • Proactive against CEO impersonation
  • Telegram scam traps (honeypots)
Provide confidence to your investors. Secure your funds.
Covered Platforms
ppc google bing
Social Media
Social Media

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Cool Cousin

BrandShield AI-powered technology detects and fights phishing, brand and trademark infringement, piracy and pharming. BrandShield monitors the entire internet and uses unique algorithms to find and prioritize websites using your brand name. Our experienced enforcement team take action until final takedown of those risks.