With BrandShield's intelligence we can effectively monitor the web with a click of a button.

Yoni Assia, CEO eToro

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With BrandShield we are
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Hannes Tribelnig
Licensing/Trademark Protection & Product Placement Manager,
KTM Sportmotorcycle

Save time and money and maintain your ICO reputation

  • From detection to takedown: we take care of everything for you
  • Increase investor confidence in your ICO
  • Fast takedown of the threats saves you money

Provide confidence to your investors. Secure your funds.

Cross Platform

Cross platform solution covers websites, PPC ads and social networks (Telegram, Slack, etc.).


Years of experience protecting companies of all industries, including cryptocurrency companies.

Chines and Japanese

Includes websites in Chinese and Japanese content analysis.

Pattern recognition

Pattern recognition finds network of fraudsters with a click of a button.

BrandShield AI-powered technology detects and fights phishing, brand and trademark infringement, piracy and pharming. BrandShield monitors the entire internet and uses unique algorithms to find and prioritize websites using your brand name. Our experienced enforcement team take action until final takedown of those risks.